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Keeping our Eggplant Community Safe

With the global pandemic and economic crisis unfolding around us, technology can and should help manage the unforeseen complicated challenges society now faces.   


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As a technology company, we know there has never been a more critical time to put our own technology to work to support customers, partners, the Eggplant team - and their loved ones - than during the COVID-19 global pandemic.   

We want to help tackle the difficult consequences on varying parts of our society so we’re open for business and we're adapting to the needs of those around us at this uncertain time.   

Firstly, the safety and health of our customers, partners and Eggplant team — and their families and loved ones — is our number one priority.  

Secondly, as a company with many customers in the private and public sectors, we recognize the need to cast the net wider and support key healthcare and government agencies in their fight against COVID-19.  

There is great value in dedicated IT and resources to help save staff time, increase efficiency and save costs. There has never been a more critical time for these services to ensure software is running - not just smoothly - but better than it ever has. Updates, functionality and performance all needs to be amazing.  

Now more than ever we have to work together, share knowledge and get through this crisis.  

How else can Eggplant help you automate as you work remotely

Customer experience

Performance Testing for Scalability and Performance of Digital Products

With consumers adjusting their habits and shopping from the comfort of their homes, it's more critical than ever for your company website to be prepared for a surge in traffic. 

Eggplant Performance provides true, user-centric performance testing, that’s simple to use. Its unique ability to simulate virtual users at both the application UI and the network protocol levels makes it the only solution that gives you a true understanding of the UX impact at scale.

Try Eggplant Performance today with 10,000 VUs through to end of June 2020! Plus, we are giving away 20 free sessions with Eggplant's Advanced Performance Engineering Team to deliver insight into test planning, design, building, execution and understanding the results. Get in quick otherwise you will miss out!

We have partnered up with our friends at Qualitest to provide you with a turnkey solution of Monitoring Insights licenses and expert professional services - enquire now.

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Prepare Your Case for Automation with Eggplant’s ROI Visualization Solution

Overcoming process bottlenecks and enabling workforce agility are some of the prime benefits to adopting automation.

In addition to our FREE Automation accreditation, we are offering businesses looking to implement test automation a FREE Business Value Assessment to help you build a sound business case for automation. These free mini pilots will show you the power of Eggplant against your systems or a similar system.

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Training and certification

Business Continuity with accreditation

Connecting people with who and what they love is an important service, and one customers expect to be performed efficiently, effectively and seamlessly across devices and platforms. Of course, it’s important that companies deploy test automation to detect and prevent routine performance issues, but truly delivering an engaging digital customer experience is about so much more than monitoring and compliance.

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With Eggplant’s help, we’re uncovering and fixing the things that are slowing down our website. And having a faster website is already making a positive impact on our business, with better conversion rates and lower bounce rates. I can highly recommend Eggplant’s products and expertise.

James Walker

Head of Technology


For more information about this offer, please reach out to sales@eggplant.io.

For more on Eggplant, visit eggplantsoftware.com