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Deliver flawless software, faster!

Test smarter with an AI-powered approach to testing that views technology from the users’ perspective.

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Eggplant empowers organizations (like yours) to create amazing digital experiences and create beautiful software that simply works. They do this through their AI driven test automation that allows you to test smarter and faster.

The combination of Eggplant and Keysight Technologies creates an innovative force in the automated testing market – and ultimately benefits you!

We have handpicked some resources on automation below that we think you'll like. 

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Automation: The Answer to Today's Efficiency Demands

One of the hardest challenges teams face today is using their time and resources efficiently. Focusing on the right projects, meeting deadlines, and doing more with less impact us all. With the right deployment of AI-assisted automation, your team can focus on strategic projects. 

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AI and Software Automation: All You Need to Know

Businesses exist to deliver profitable products and services that delight customers and attract new ones. Our technical expert Mark Fernee, shows you how the Eggplant AI and Software Test Automation suite delivers business results.

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A Different Approach to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has been a growing trend, but in today's world it's a requirement to stay ahead of the competition. Whether your strategy has been in place for years, or just coming to life, take a look at our Digital Transformation Playbook to see how Eggplant can help.

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We provide AI assisted software testing to ensure rapid release of your applications.

Testing of your business applications as you modernize and move to the Cloud for remote work.

Scale of your online presence through effective load testing.

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The advantage of Eggplant is that it can be automated to run tests of simulated user interactions on the system under test (SUT) without actual human / physical actions. To do this, Eggplant connects remotely to the SUT and runs programs known as scripts which are a series of commands within a file that is capable of being executed without being compiled.

The Rapid Prototyping Lab at NASA’s JohnsonSpace Center and The University of Texas at Tyler