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Optimize Customer Experience with Continuous Testing 

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Eggplant.


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Key Takeaways from the Study


Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience

Customer-obsessed organizations are fast, insights-driven, and can predict client needs.

In order to deliver an exceptional customer experience, an agile and automated approach to software engineering and continuous product innovation, based on real customer feedback, must be taken. 

The Leapfrog Effect

There should be no need to languish in the world of manual testing when AI offers a step-change in testing and continuous delivery.

Using AI, as a means of automation testing, will enable you to leapfrog ahead of the competition in the digital transformation race of today’s customer-centric world.


Of survey respondents stated that ‘Improving customer experience’ is an important to critical requirement when planning and orchestrating their software strategy.  


Of firms pointed to legacy technology that is fragmented and difficult to automate. Eggplant can automate any technology.  


Of respondents are testing the real user experience. Which means 47% are not doing it properly.  

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