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Testing Beyond the EMR Cover


Testing the EMR and Beyond: Good Software Helps Hospitals Thrive

Many healthcare providers are embracing the benefits that electronic medical records (EMR) can offer. But the systems medical professionals rely on have become bulky, complex, and hard to test.
To deliver exceptional patient care in every interaction, healthcare professionals must implement further modernization of workflows, systems, and medical devices while maximizing the value of EMR.
Read our eBook to discover how intelligent test automation can help you achieve those goals and the following:
  • What are the five key areas of focus when testing any EMR
  • How robotic process automation can simplify your workflows and improve productivity
  • Why now is the time to adopt AI-driven test automation to ensure your EMR systems are interoperable and user-friendly
  • How to test both on-site and wearable medical devices efficiently with the rise of on-demand healthcare