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Automated Fuel Dispenser Testing

Eggplant is trusted by the best of the best.

Why Eggplant?

We are trusted by leading retailers for automated fuel dispenser testing

Proactively test AFDs and payment terminals to increase performance and eliminate software bugs. Testing is not limited to software, work with our select Partners to extend testing with robotics.

Maintain EMV compliance through automated testing of user journeys each time vendor code is updated. Self-healing test maintenance means you spend less time on regression and more on innovation.​

Conduct end-to-end testing on systems without installing any software on the system under test thanks to Eggplant's Digital Twin technology.

No-code/low-code approach allows anyone, regardless of technical ability, to test customer experiences unique to gas stations.

How we'll help you
Shorten testing cycles from weeks to days to ensure on-time delivery
Reduce costs while improving quality
Automate repetitive tasks to reduce manual errors
Mitigate risk by proactively hunting for bugs
Reduce time-to-market with automated regression testing
Automated integration testing for interconnected retail systems.
Scalable test maintenance with smart auto-healing of test assets
Deliver a consistent customer experience across devices and locations
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