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IDC Full Stack Testing WP - flat cover


Establishing Modern Testing Strategies Across the Tech Stack

The global, dramatic shift to digitization continues to drive competitive position and product evolution moving into 2022 and beyond, enabled by high-quality software delivered across a broad technology stack.
IDC research indicates that digital disruption is both a primary challenge and an enabler for business execution. Product service and quality are key concerns for the next four to five years.
Download this IDC white paper to learn how to overcome the challenges posed by full-stack testing.
  • IDC's take on the importance of cross-technology, full-stack testing
  • how to build strategies that foster coordination between product management, developers, business stakeholders, and consumers
  • how to leverage model-based testing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence
  • how Keysight's Eggplant DAI can accelerate digital transformation initiatives in your organization