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Demo and Live Q&A

Ever wondered what it’s like to use Eggplant? Well, now you don’t have to!

Join Humza Ahmad, Solutions Architect, to see Keysight Eggplant in action. In this session, Humza will cover:

  • How easy it is to create a model of your application or website
  • How you can test the system-under-test (SUT) the way a real user would use it
  • How to quickly view your test results in the Eggplant Test platform

When: Thursday, February 9th

Duration: 30 minutes

Meet Your Host

humza ahmad headshot

Humza Ahmad is a Solutions Architect within Keysight Technologies Software test automation group Eggplant. He is responsible for driving and managing the technology evaluation and validation stages of the sales process, ensuring the technical and business benefits are achieved.