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Automate Testing for Point-of-Sale Systems with Eggplant cover


Revolutionizing the Checkout Experience with Test Automation

Customers often complain about long queues and slow payment terminals when they reach the till. 

However, delivering a smooth checkout experience relies on fast integrated POS systems. The challenge comes when ensuring the reliability of every application, platform, and connected payment device. 

Keysight's Eggplant platform revolutionizes the testing of POS platforms, system integrations, and payment devices with AI and robotics.
Download our solution brief to learn:
  • how to overcome the challenges of POS system integration testing
  • the three main areas of any POS system you have to test
  • how automating tests delivers months of complex testing in just a few days
  • how Eggplant can automate the full testing life cycle of your entire POS system