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Experience AI-driven Software Test. Today.

With our Quick Start Program, you'll get:

3-month evaluation of Eggplant Test
60 hours of hands-on guidance from our experts
5 developer & 10 execution licenses
Cloud-based option for test model hosting
Sample scripts and guides for faster proof of value

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Let us help you launch a customized program tailored to your unique testing needs

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Integrate AI testing with record speed. We'll guide you through the process to:

  • Identify your test requirements
  • Deploy Eggplant Test in your environment
  • Train your team on AI-driven test principles
  • Build and deploy your first test cases
  • Execute using visual, object, or API test methods
  • Analyze results and reveal where you need additional test coverage 

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Get trained by our experts

Your team will learn how to implement AI testing using your own application and test cases.

Learn how to build more effective user stories and execute test cases with a modern, model-based approach.

By the end of the program, you'll have a proof-of-value relevant to how test automation speeds insights on your specific application.


Begin your Quick Start Program today for just US $9,999.

Don't wait — find out why test teams all around the world count on Eggplant Test every day.

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Offer is only available to new customers who have not purchased an Eggplant subscription in the last 24 months.