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Test Automation Solutions for Healthcare

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Why leading organizations in the Healthcare sector trust Eggplant for test automation

Maintain clear & accurate patient history to meet compliance & regulatory requirements.

Implement rapid and consistent onboarding of patients, reducing errors and freeing up staff.

Automate processes and scripts to alleviate data entry and manual testing.

Keep pace with updates and changes to EMR/EHR systems and ensure that they remain integrated with other hospital systems.

Eggplant can help you
Speed up new patient onboarding
Reduce frustration by eliminating repetitive tasks
Rapidly test EMR configurations at scale
Improve quality without increasing costs
Reduce time-to-market
Test integrations with all your key systems
Stress-test patient-facing technology
Deliver consistent experience across all devices
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Deliver exceptional patient care through quality technology.

This eBook comes loaded with key considerations when testing your EMR, critical tasks that RPA can optimize, and insights on how testing can support the rise of on-demand healthcare.

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