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The Ultimate AI Testing Playbook

The key to success is adding AI to your testing toolkit, as this playbook explains.

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The Key to Success


To keep up with customer expectations, the pressure to release updates faster is greater today than it’s ever been. DevOps and continuous testing should provide the answer to keeping up with the pace of change but unless testing teams are harnessing everything these ways of working have to offer, they aren’t enough. The key to success is adding AI testing to the toolkit, as this playbook explains.

“Before automation, 1,000 trials required 47 employee hours, while this reduced to 21 hours of the testing team’s time after automation. The complete reduction in manpower is equivalent to a one-year Eggplant license and maintenance fee. This means that our Eggplant investment is covered through a single reproduction test of only one OS error.”

Ichiro Mori, PM Group Manager, NEC Personal Computers


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