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You Need to Bill More Hours

It's time to test your digital stack for speed and efficiency.


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Do you want to deepen client relationships without having to worry about technology hurdles? Deliver more billable hours and accelerate organizational productivity? 

You can achieve all this and more with Eggplant. 

Eggplant is the most powerful test automation solution, allowing for accelerated regression testing of packaged applications such as InTapp; SalesForce; SAP and many more. Eggplant can also be used to automate administrative tasks that simply take up too much of your time. 

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Promote Partner efficiency and deliver more billable hours

With increased competition to win more business, Law firms are seeking ways to find ways to strengthen and leverage client relationships more effectively, while also responding to the need to manage risk, improve efficiencies, and drive profitability. Embracing a modernization strategy and adopting AI powered intelligent technologies help them realize stronger outcomes across the client lifecycle.

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How Law Firms Can Bolster Productivity Through Intelligent Automation

Law Firms operate in an extremely competitive environment and are tasked with managing risk, mining for operational efficiencies and winning new business, all while exploring new avenues for strengthening and leveraging existing client relationships.

But there’s hope on the horizon.. 

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Freshfields Boosts IT Productivity With Eggplant

Multinational law firm fully embraced Eggplant and adopted it extensively across its testing program.

Freshfields cut testing time by over 80%; shortens time to release for core application updates. 

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Connect Your Customer's User Experience with Your Business Goals

In this 190 seconds demo, Technical Expert Max Gerrard will take you through the 3 key elements that allow for a frictionless User Experience and he'll explain how this links with attainment of your Business Goals.

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We have been using Eggplant Functional for about a year and a half and have managed to automate over 80% of our testing using the product. As a result, we have managed to cut our 5–7 week testing timeframe to just one week for each release, six or seven times a year. This has had a massive impact on our productivity, both in the test team, where we can now allocate resources to higher-value activities, but also to the wider IT organisation, which is now able to move releases into production much faster.

Tim Wistow

Test Manager at Freshfields

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